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Courses & Locations

ILTT are a Primary Teacher Training provider offering a variety of course across the East Midlands in many different locations.



General Primary (5-11) & EYFS (3-7)

Both courses are available in the following locations - West Leicestershire, South Leicestershire, East Leicestershire, North Leicestershire, Leicester City.



General Primary (5-11) & EYFS (3-7)

Both course are available in the following locations – North Nottinghamshire, Central Nottinghamshire and South Notttinghamshire.

Course Structure

Throughout the year trainees will be given the opportunity to learn and develop through a blend of experiences, all which will support and further them during their process of becoming a teacher:


School Based Training

Our school based training allows trainees to be immersed, in all aspects of school life, from the moment trainees arrive on the course. Trainees will be introduced to their host school before meeting the children, allowing them time to build positive and important relationships with key members of staff who will support them throughout their teacher training year.

From the moment trainees enter school on the first day they will be treated as a member of the staffing team, allowing them to build strong relationships with those in their class and around school. Through the support offered from their Class Mentor and Learning Coach, trainees will gradually take on additional responsibilities and be given more freedom to explore and apply their creativity. As trainees become more confident and independent in their teaching teaching they will begin to experience the gratification and the joy that comes from children learning what they have taught them.


ILTT Centre Based Training

Our taught programme will leave trainees inspired by some of the most passionate, expert teachers in our partnership of schools. The majority of our facilitators are Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), who are teachers and leaders who have been recongnised by the government for their expertise and specialist knowledge and are also currently practising in the classroom on a daily basis. Being taught by current practitioners will allow trainees to learn from those who can give them the most up to date information and strategies in teaching and learning.

We pride ourselves in providing trainees with the opportunity to learn from, and be enthused by some of the most exceptional professionals in their fields.


University Based Training

ILTT work with two highly regarded Universities; Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and University of Leicester (UoL). ILTT provides trainees with the unique opportunity to choose which University they wish to join regardless of the cohort or course you are a part of. Whilst the universities are responsible for delivering and accrediting the Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE), ILTT work closely with each university to ensure trainees are being provided with the best possible training so that the information provided can be transferred into their own classroom practice.

As a member of the University, the trainee will also be entitled to access their resources, such as the library, trainee services and student benefits! Each University will provide the trainee with an induction into the services available at the start of the course. In addition, the University will support ILTT trainees by providing input on academic research and writing to help with completing an assignment at the end of each module.


Independant Study

All of our trainees will spend some time independently researching and studying current and relevant research to support their teaching practice just like a fully qualified teacher. We are seeking applicants who are naturally curious and who seek to constantly improve their performance through personal research and study.

Trainees will examine current theory, with each module containing teaching, assessment and independent work, all of which are directly relevant to the primary classroom. School placements will ensure the knowledge and skills acquired during the ILTT and University based training are strongly anchored in practice. The intended outcome for the programme is that every trainee has the opportunity to complete the course with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Success Stories


Will I come out of the course with a PGCE?

Yes! You will come out with a Post Graduate Certificate of education. If you are successful in achieving a level 7 at masters level you will come out with a total of 60 masters credits to use later in your career to obtain a full master degree. Our qualification is equivalent to University courses across the UK.

What school will I be based at?

This will be dependent on many different aspects, location, subject specialism, year group preference, school context etc. Please view our Placement Policy for more details.

What support will I receive?

As an ILTT trainee you will receive the best support possible to you. We believe in supporting all our trainees as much as required and there are many levels of support. From the day to day support with your Class Teacher, week by week support with your Learning Coach, through to your professional tutor and Headteacher who both are more than happy to support where possible.

How does the year look?

Please view the section on Course Structure for more details.

What are my employment prospects at the end of training?

ILTT guarantee a job for all trainees who wish to become a teacher straight after their training year who achieve a grade 2 or above.

Are my qualifications of an equivalent level?

The eligibility of qualifications can be checked at

How likely am I to complete training and gain Qualified Teacher Status?

The SCITT has exceptionally high retention of trainees on the course, with over 98% of trainees starting the course in 2014/15 successfully completing training and gaining QTS.

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    "My training has inspired and enabled me to become the teacher I am today."

    Rikki Platts // Former ILTT Trainee