Will I come out of the course with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to come out with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. If you are successful in achieving a level 7 you will obtain a total of 60 masters credits to potentially use later in your career to obtain a full masters degree.

If you apply to our Leicestershire course you will go to the University of Leicester, if you apply to Nottinghamshire you will go to Nottingham Trent University. This enables our course to be equivalent to all University courses across the UK.

What school will I be based at?

This will be dependent on many different aspects, location, subject specialism, year group preference, school context etc. Please view our Placement Policy for more details.

What support will I receive?

As a trainee you will receive the best support possible to you. We believe in supporting all our trainees as much as possible by providing you with many levels of support. You will be supported on a day to day basis with your Class Teacher, and a week by week support with your Learning Coach. You will also be supported and challenged through the year by a Professional Tutor who will be on hand to support you both on a pastoral and training basis.

In our last inspection, OFSTED highlighted - "Trainees receive outstanding-quality, highly tailored support in response to their emerging needs. This ensures that trainees experiencing difficulties are identified and then supported quickly, and those who are excelling are stretched and challenged effectively." Ofsted - November 2017

Ofsted Report

What does the timetable look like?

Please view the timetable for:



What are my employment prospects at the end of training?

Employment prospects are excellent for all trainees who achieve grade 2 or above. 100% of our trainees get teaching jobs post-training.

Ofsted noted in their report the following: "Completion and employment rates are high. Trainees successfully complete the training, exceeding the minimum level of practice defined in the teachers’ standards. All trainees gain employment, very many within the partnership. The partnership is meeting local needs for high-quality teachers effectively, often in schools that serve the most deprived communities."

Ofsted Report

Are my qualifications of an equivalent level?

The eligibility of qualifications can be checked at NARIC. Talk to us if you need support with this.