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Dear Reader,

We are really pleased to be able to share our ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report with you!

Our trainees are learning every day, through observations, planning and assessing collaboratively, through feedback and forward-thinking attitudes. We understand each trainee is different and have the skills and patience to bespoke the support and opportunities to their needs.

We’ve picked out the following quotes which we think are particularly linked to the valuable work that you do:

‘They work closely with their classroom mentor and as a result are quickly able to assimilate into the life of the school, comply with key policies and quickly cultivate strong relationships with staff and pupils.’

‘The highly practical, school-based nature of the training which is valued by trainees because it means they learn from the very best teachers’ practice and are given the time to apply their learning, academic research and training in their own classroom situations.’

‘Trainees receive high quality mentoring from their learning coach, including precise and targeted feedback against the Teachers’ Standards.’

‘Learning coaches receive excellent training and are highly skilled. They are committed to the partnership and contribute to its development. Many said they felt this was a significant and professionally rewarding role. Many said they took extremely seriously the importance of developing the highest quality ‘teachers of tomorrow’.’

‘The first-class training programme. Specialists, including head teachers, senior leaders and specialist leaders of education (SLEs), are involved in the delivery.’

‘Trainees and NQTs said that their training was thorough and of extremely high quality.’

‘The quality of training across the partnership is outstanding. A fully comprehensive training programme is in place and ensures complete coverage of the primary curriculum.’

‘Trainees value highly the training they receive in behaviour management. They particularly appreciate observing current practitioners employing a range of strategies that work and then being supported to trial these within their own class.’

‘Trainees said that they particularly valued learning from current practitioners who are also ‘leaders in their field’.’

As a SCITT Partnership we do have a high moral purpose – our role is to nurture aspiring teachers into becoming those outstanding teachers and leaders who make a life-long difference to children, their futures and their communities. Our schools play a huge part in making this happen and the report celebrates the important contribution they make to the next generation of teachers and school leaders.

Have fun reading this, we certainly did!

Click here for the Ofsted Report

Inspiring Leaders Virtual Recruitment Event!

Inspiring Leaders Virtual Recruitment Event!

9th June 2020 5-6.30pm

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We will share a presentation about our Primary PGCE courses, the training journey and placements, aswell as advice about applying and the interview process. Be inspired from the comfort of your own home!