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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Inspiring Leaders believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) should lie at the heart of education. DEI is a core part of our teacher training programme and underpins all areas of commitment including trainee wellbeing, pastoral support, recruitment and our SCITT curriculum.


Leaders have designed, and skilfully deliver, a course that encompasses additional curriculum components such as diversity, equity and inclusion and the ‘IL6’ professional attributes. This reflects a course that exceeds the minimum requirements set out in the Department for Education’s core content framework.

Outstanding Ofsted, May 2023

DEI in our SCITT curriculum

DEI and Positive Mental Health Conference

Our DEI conference energises trainees’ passion for DEI in the very first week of the course. All cohorts come together to celebrate the importance of diversity in education and learn from both educators and experts in the field, sharing their insights and lived experiences. Past keynotes have been by Claire Birkenshaw, Bennie Kara and Halil Tamgumus.

Trainees then have the opportunity to attend a variety of electives focusing on different protected characteristics.

Expert Seminars

Building on the conference, each half term trainees attend seminars with experts. These sessions are designed to explore individual topics in-depth and provide opportunities for discussion, which help to build trainee confidence in addressing DEI, positive mental health and future trends.

Collaboration & Networks

Inspiring Leaders are part of a collaboration of ITT providers in the East Midlands who have all committed to a pledge to ensure trainees and teachers are protected from discrimination, harassment or victimisation due to protected characteristics.

As part of this collaboration, there are half termly networks which all trainees are welcome to attend such a Black and Global Majority (AKA BAME) and LGBT+ trainee and aspirant teachers. These networks provide opportunities for trainee teachers to connect with and listen to authentic voices.

These groups will continue to grow and evolve to include other protected characteristics.

Research Projects

As part of the course, there are opportunities to engage in research projects looking at specific areas of inclusion within schools. Former trainees have found this to be a highlight of the course and a powerful opportunity to begin to affect change in their schools and local contexts.

Examples of investigations by former trainees included topics such as SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability), Diversifying the Curriculum and Developing Authenticity in the Classroom.

The Golden Thread

Our DEI programme is designed so all trainees feel inspired through the experiences and learning opportunities that our course provides. Our aim is to empower our trainees and give them the knowledge and confidence to address and embed DEI in their teaching practice.

In doing this we create a golden thread, where trainees can weave diversity, equity and inclusion through all aspects of school life. We believe that all members of the school community should feel they are recognised, safe, respected and celebrated.

Tailored Support & Advice

We recognise the individual needs of each of our trainees and prioritise support to meet these unique needs. As a partnership of Trusts and Teaching Hubs, we have access to a wide range of professionals and networks, as well as being able to offer one to one advice and support for trainees.

For example, sessions with advice for trainees with families and one to one sessions to talk to current trainees in similar circumstances. For more information about how we support trainee wellbeing please see our Wellbeing page.


I am proud to belong to a cohort that recognises the challenges and who, at the heart of things, want to see a change.

Carina Jolly, Chemistry trainee

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One of Azuraye’s great quotes, which will stick with me throughout my entire career, is, “you can’t be what you can’t see.” This is why representation matters. We should expose students to knowledge about who and what they can be.

MaeMae Millichamp, English trainee