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In 2017 ILTT was graded by Ofsted as an ‘Outstanding’ provider of Initial Teacher Education on what was the partnerships first inspection. The Inspectors were very complementary about a number of elements of our work which include:

Leadership of the SCITT

Leadership and management of the partnership is outstanding. In the two years of operation, it has secured outstanding outcomes for trainees. The SCITT director and the professional tutors are highly skilled, dedicated and relentless in their pursuit of excellence. They are determined to ensure that provision is of the highest quality and that all trainees meet the teachers’ standards at the highest level

Our Training Programme

The training programme is first class. Specialists, including Headteachers, senior leaders and specialist leaders of education (SLEs), are involved in the delivery. Trainees gain a multiplicity of opportunities to develop as practitioners, including in a range of differing, often challenging, school contexts. Trainees and NQTs said that their training was thorough and of extremely high quality.

Personalised Support for Each Trainee

Trainees receive outstanding-quality, highly tailored support in response to their emerging needs. This ensures that trainees experiencing difficulties are identified and then supported quickly, and those who are excelling are stretched and challenged effectively.

Quality Mentor Support

Trainees receive high-quality mentoring from their learning coach, including precise and targeted feedback against the teachers’ standards. They work closely with their classroom mentor and, as a result, are quickly able to assimilate into the life of the school, comply with key policies and quickly cultivate strong relationships with staff and pupils.

Outstanding School Based Training

The highly practical, school-based nature of the training is valued by trainees because it means they learn from the very best teachers’ practice and are given the time to apply their learning, academic research and training in their own classroom situations.

Since 2017 ILTT has continued to improve our work and we feel confident that we now offer trainees a better experience than ever before. For more information about how our trainees perform within our partnership you can visit our ‘Track Record’ page. You can view our full OFSTED Inspection report here.

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