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We are always available to talk to you and offer bespoke advice. Please do get in touch if you would like more information and advice unique to you and your situation. There are some answers to our most asked questions, below.

Will I come out of the course with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to come out with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. If you are successful in achieving a Level 7 you will obtain a total of 60 masters credits to potentially use later in your career to obtain a full masters degree.

The PGCE part of the course underpins the QTS aspect with the research knowledge you need to have a deep understanding of how children and pupils learn, and a deep understanding of different teaching strategies.

If you apply to our Leicestershire course the PGCE element is facilitated by the University of Leicester, if you apply to our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire courses the PGCE element is facilitated by Nottingham Trent University

What school will I be based at?

Each partnership hub have their own cluster of schools which we place trainees in schools based on the following: previous experience, location and accessibility, a bespoke fit for you and your course choice. We take into account your transport arrangements, any family requirements and previous experiences you may have had. There is opportunity to meet your placement school and team prior to the start of the course, and in addition to your two placements, you experience focus days in our other partner schools so you can see a range of expertise throughout the course.

What support will I receive?

Inspiring Leaders offers a wealth of support covering all aspects of the course. Each trainee is assigned a Professional Tutor to support, advise and  them while on the course. The pastoral wellbeing of our trainees is a priority and in addition to a Professional Tutor, trainees have access to an Alumni support service as well as student support services within the university. There are Mental Health First Aiders to provide support and sign posts to advice if you need. Each hub has their own admin representative that will support and guide you though the interview, application and induction process, remaining on hand throughout the course for any technical or admin queries. Within your placement, you will have a Class Mentor and a Learning Coach that support you within the classroom and beyond. Whatever your need or question, there is someone to advise and help at each step.

What does the timetable look like?

The timetable is different for Primary and Secondary. The Primary timetable layers in subject knowledge training session with placement days. This is designed to increase your subject knowledge and align to trainee teaching confidence as the course moves through the year. We have week blocks of training interspersed between weeks of placement so trainees are able to timely apply what they are learning. As the course moves through each term, the placement weeks increase and the training days decrease.

Our Secondary timetable operates a 4 day placement week with a training day once per week. This training day includes subject knowledge, professional practice, behaviour management. This pattern ensures secondary trainees are fully immersed in their subject and department.

In addition to this, there are ten university days spread out over the Autumn and Spring terms.

Do you accept student finance?

Student finance is available for you to cover the cost of the course. You could be eligible for your course fees and a maintenance loan. Student Finance have a self checking tool where you can find out what you would be entitled to. There is also a Childcare grant that you can apply for should you need. The link can be found easily on your chosen search engine, or get in touch and we would be happy to send it over to you.

What are my employment prospects at the end of training?

We are proud of our commitment to ensuring our trainees are employed in great schools. Each partnership hub hosts an application and interview day, along with opportunities to attend recruitment drives. Our HR department share hub vacancies and our professional tutor team work hard to ensure you receive the support you need for a successful employment outcome. We have excellent post training employment rates.

When is the final cut off date for applications?

We close our courses when they are full, and this is usually around the end of May/start of June. This is so we can ensure your placements can be organised and that your induction is supported thoroughly. If you are experiencing a delay in your DfE Apply application, let us know as we have an ILTT version we can email out, which if completed, will enable us to begin the interview process while you are waiting for the official application to come through. Email us on

Are my qualifications of an equivalent level?

Please see our entry requirements page for details of the qualifications you will need prior to embarking on our teacher training course. If you have qualifications from over seas or would like some advice to check qualifications, please do get in touch as we have access to qualification check system to enable us to provide you with clear information. Please do contact us on if you’d like us to check any of your qualifications.

The PGCE course is a Level 7 course.

Concerns and Complaints Policy

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