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Wellbeing with ILTT

Your wellbeing on the course is of high importance to us. We prioritise this from the recruitment process, through the course, and beyond into your early career teaching year. Whether this is family support, mental health, study skills, or anything else, we are here to support you at each step. The year starts with an EDI and Positive Mental Health conference. This is followed up with discrete Positive Mental Health sessions. Trainees can also log onto the My Healthy Advantage app for 24/7 support.

Health and Wellbeing

Support at Every Stage

We recognise that it can feel very daunting when embarking on a new experience or challenge, and we want to reassure you that an experienced team will be there to guide you through each step.

In the initial stages, the Admin Team will support you, and you’ll begin to meet the tutors as we head towards the induction day and through attending some of our remote teaching sessions. You are also able to access our alumni – a group of past trainees who have volunteered to be the first port of call for low-level advice.

We provide opportunities for you to let us know of any health or wellbeing needs prior to the course start so that we can work with you to ensure support mechanisms are in place. In partnership with you, we complete a support plan and this is communicated to your placement and tutors to enable them to support and empower you, to be your best using strategies that work for you.

The team are on hand to talk through any worries you may have and the bonds with your cohort are an important connection and support throughout your training and beyond.

Mental Health Matters

We have trained Mental Health First Aiders on the team, who are always contactable should you need assistance in any way. The Mental Health First aiders are introduced to you during the course induction so you can begin to get to know them. We add a wellbeing channel to your cohort team space and post useful links to help and advice, that you can access if you need to. We talk to all trainees prior to the course starting and ask that you let us know of any medical, health, or wellbeing needs so we can talk these through with you to support you effectively during the course. Our Central Team, Hub Leads and Mentors are all available to you to talk things through and guide you.

If you feel you need a chat, some support or need to talk, please do get in touch. You are never alone.

Study Skills and Resources

Our tutors will encourage you to think about and organise the resources you will need while you are on the course and ensure you have the information you need to prepare. From post it notes to desk organisation and how to prioritise study time – you will have a wealth of advice and experience-based tips from staff and tutors across the SCITT.

Each year we hold a Pizza Night where we all come together as a cohort to begin thinking more formally about how you can prepare. Most importantly it is a valuable opportunity to share ideas and get to know everyone on the course.

Family Friendly Studying

We recognise that starting a full-time course can be daunting, and also bring concern about the changes this will mean for your family. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly organisation. We offer various opportunities for you to talk to those in the same situation to yourself and share advice on tips to enable you to prepare as much as possible.

We offer support in the following ways:

. Targeted recruitment sessions where you can hear from alumni and current trainees and pick up some tips for manging the course alongside family commitments

. Family Network sessions pre/during and post training where you can begin to get to know trainees in a similar position and support each other along the ITT journey such as our pre-course ‘Stay and Play’ session

. Childcare friendly placements

. Trainee family social events

. Buddy programme where we can align you with one of our alumni who can provide support for you during the course

. Flex working Ambassador – Opportunity to learn how a Flex approach can work for you post training


School leaders say they have ‘invested’ in the partnership. One school leader, typical of many, said, ‘There is a really strong culture of ambition, professionalism and high expectation, but this is all wrapped up by having the well-being of all trainees at heart.’ Schools are proud to be associated with the partnership.

Outstanding Ofsted, May 2023