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Teacher Training as a Parent

I initially considered going into teaching with a fair degree of doubt.. I had been working in marketing for over ten years prior to having kids, and did feel it was high time I turned to a vocation that I could truly feel passionate about. My parents were teachers and I also know a great many teachers who all love what they do, which I found very inspiring. However it took me a little while to take the plunge as I have two small children and I had concerns about how the demands of a full time teacher training year might impact me and my family. It was arguably a bold move, but boy was it worth taking!

To my delight, the people at Redhill SCITT were unfazed by my family situation, and the trust that Sally Barfoot seemed to place in me and my potential at my interview was so encouraging.

I thought I would feel on the back foot for having family commitments, but the truth is it is an achievable juggling act! I have felt so energised and determined to become a teacher that I managed to do an SKE in Spanish during lockdown and also secured a British Council scholarship. I am now thoroughly enjoying my placement at a fantastic school with a wonderful group of language teachers and the students are a daily joy to be around.

To any parents out there who feel hesitant, rest assured that you will have a very supportive team around you, who will listen, encourage and guide you. As long as you are organised, proactive and take initiative, it will fall into place.

I like to get home to my children, squeeze them tight and give them some special attention after their long day at school and nursery. I honestly thought I would feel huge pangs of guilt for having less time with them, but to my surprise I actually feel guilt-free! I think ultimately I can be a good role model to my children, for being a working mother who can find happiness and fulfilment both at home and in her job.

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